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Welcome to Fittown’s Personal Trainers in Cambridge Page! Here, you’ll find exceptional individuals dedicated to helping you achieve fitness goals in vibrant Cambridge. Our highly qualified trainers bring expertise and enthusiasm to guide your fitness journey.

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As a dedicated and passionate certified personal trainer, I take immense pride in nurturing strong relationships with my clients. By actively listening and understanding their specific needs, I strive to ensure that each individual achieves their unique training goals. My unwavering commitment to promoting health and wellbeing extends beyond personal training, as I also specialise in sports and holistic massage. Working closely with my clients, I focus on restoring their range of motion and enhancing movement not only during their training sessions but also in their daily lives.

I firmly believe in providing fully flexible and individualised solutions that cater to my clients’ distinct requirements. Alongside offering expert personal training and nutrition advice, I incorporate massage therapies, mobility solutions, and engaging group fitness activities. Witnessing my clients achieve a well-balanced lifestyle alongside their training goals is what truly drives me. The satisfaction of seeing their transformations and successes keeps me motivated to deliver the best possible results and foster a supportive environment for their fitness journey.


I was born in Cambridge and have lived here my whole life. My sporting background consists of a multitude of different sport but predominantly rowing and skiing. I spent many years competing at high performance rowing events around the country and coaching people of all abilities. Alongside this I am also a fully qualified ski instructor with the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance. I recently graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science where I gained some great knowledge on nutrition, exercise planning and much more!

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for just over a year now and my main passion lies in helping people gain functional fitness that can be transferred into their everyday lives. It’s never too late to start your fitness journey and working with you to help you gain more control over your life would be an absolute pleasure. I also have an extensive knowledge on hypertrophy training gained through my own fitness journey. So if you’re looking to gain muscle or become more athletically capable of handling everyday life then don’t hesitate to give me a call!


A dedicated and experienced Personal Trainer committed to helping you transform your life through fitness. With a genuine passion for coaching and a proven track record.

Since 2013, Nick has been guiding individuals like you towards achieving their goals. Specialising in Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting and Calisthenics. Nick offers a well-rounded and tailored approach to meet your unique needs.

What sets Nick apart is not only his expertise but also his personal athletic achievements. Furthermore, Nick excelled in various sports, from winning the Essex Weightlifting Club competition in 2018 to playing rugby for the Cambridge City Exiles.

Start your fitness journey today with Nick as your trusted Personal Trainer. Together, you’ll work towards a healthier, fitter, and more confident version of yourself.

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Each Fittown personal trainer is carefully selected based on extensive knowledge, certifications, and a commitment to outstanding results. Furthermore, we deeply understand unique needs and preferences in this thriving city.

Choose Fittown’s Personal Trainers in Cambridge for personalised attention and guidance from trainers who genuinely care. They design customised programs aligned with your aspirations, whether weight loss, strength building, flexibility improvement, or overall fitness enhancement.

Our trainers are highly qualified and passionate. They create a motivating and supportive environment, inspiring you to achieve your goals from your own home.

At Fittown, we believe in building strong client-trainer relationships. Our Cambridge trainers understand your fitness history, listen to concerns, and adapt their approach. They monitor progress, provide feedback, and make necessary adjustments, ensuring remarkable results.

Meet our exceptional team of personal trainers in Cambridge. They bring unique style and expertise to the Fittown experience. Explore profiles and specialisations. Find a personal trainer who resonates and expertly guides you toward fitness aspirations.

Take the first decisive step with Fittown’s Personal Trainers in Cambridge. Also, we’ll create a personalised fitness plan, empowering you to reach new heights and make sustainable lifestyle changes. Start today with our qualified trainers as your partners in achieving a healthier, happier you.